Thursday, September 21, 2017

Christ Our Hope Anglican Update

The first week of September was a HUGE week in the life of our new little church. It's amazing to think back to November of 2015 when God began to reveal his new call to Erin and me. And to think that now we have had our very first service. I always knew God could do it, but certainly wondered if he had made a huge mistake in asking me to be a part of things.

On September 10th, we met at 9 AM at the Wrightsville Beach Brewery for Worship on Sunday morning. It was special and a sweet sweet time with the Lord. The space worked very well. (As a complete aside. We are being charged $100 per week for rental of the space. This very low rent is a huge blessing. The owner made it even better and charged us just $1 for the first week. I was informed by the owner last week that the first 11 weeks of our rent were anonymously taken care of. I think maybe God is showing off a bit.) Our systems came together. There is a wonderful team of very talented and hard working people that have made this at all possible. We even had children's church. We call it the "REEF." The kids had a great time and seem excited about coming back for another go around this week.

We actually had music, prayers, communion, and a sermon. 47 people were in attendance. Two of our regular families were out of town this week, and we had a couple of new faces amongst those worshipping. God has mightily blessed this congregation all along. The Leadership Council voted prior to Sunday that our first offering would be sent to hurricane relief. So we are sending just over $1000 to that effort through the Anglican Church of North America.

Thank you each for making this church possible. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  I can't wait to get back together with this family to Worship our Lord Jesus.

Many blessings to you.

Curt Solomon