Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Women's Retreat...It might be just what you need

by Jennifer Kromhout

How ironic to be asked to write about my experiences at the women’s retreat in the past when I was seriously considering not attending this year. But our God had other plans for me and they seem to include attending the retreat this year in spite of myself.

I am like many of you…I have some things going on. In fact I have a LOT going on right now that could prevent me from going to the retreat. Or at least that’s the excuse I could use. But don’t you know this past Sunday I was speaking to some dear, young women, I’ll call them my “in their early 30’s friends”, who when they heard I didn’t have a roommate were all about inviting me to room with them (sweet things don’t know I snore like a freight train!). I have to say I felt so loved in that moment and isn’t that what we are called to be as a church? To love and encourage each other about everything having to do with our walk. Even attending our churches women’s retreat?

So I am GOING to the retreat and I encourage as many of you to come as possible. Having attended for the past several years I can guarantee you will feel His presence there with us, you will meet some ladies you’ve never met before and you’ll have time with some ladies you already know. If we are as lucky as we’ve been in the past, you might even get your toes in the sand during our Saturday afternoon break. We all have “things going on” right? That is EXACTLY why we need to go to the Women’s Retreat! I look forward to seeing you there; stop and say hello!

For more info and to sign up, visit our website:

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