Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Missionaries of Apostles: Brian & Lauren Mann - Greek InterVarsity

Brian & Lauren Mann,
with Mackenzie and Sydney
  • "You don't understand... he's THAT guy!" This statement was made a few months ago by Jesse, a student leader, at Greek Conference Boston. Jesse leads the ministry in Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). After an injury caused him to leave the UNH football team, he felt led to focus that energy on his relationships with the guys in his fraternity. He has been growing in his faith as he's met with a Greek IV staff and brought 3 friends from Pikes with him to GC Boston, one of which was Clint.

  • Clint is whom Jesse was describing in the previous quote, and it seems he has a reputation not only in his fraternity but all over campus for being the stereotypical party guy. Because of Jesse's faithful witness and the opportunity the weekend provided, Clint made a decision to follow Jesus. Including another Pike, 2 of the 3 friends made decisions this weekend! In the week after his return to campus, word had spread that something happened with Clint and the whole Greek System at University of New Hampshire is curious about what could cause this kind of change. Praise God for His work and join me in praying that not only would Clint and all those who made decisions be strengthened, but that God would use their stories of transformation to catalyze even more momentum on campus.
    That is a snapshot of what we are seeing happen all over the country. Jesse caught a vision and then took risks to be used by God in his friends' lives. Fraternity and sorority students are clearly longing for more in life and when a community of students exists on campus to help their friends discover God's offer, we see the response. Greek InterVarsity has been one of the fastest growing segments of InterVarsity, and we've seen the number of students involved grow by 93% over the past 10 years. This was a record setting year through our conferences with 1044 students attending from 93 campuses.  The biggest challenge has been keeping up with all God is doing and saying yes to the right opportunities.  At any time, we have a few dozen campuses that with the right coaching and assistance could see huge change. The challenge is that the window of opportunity to launch something only lasts a year or two while those key students are on campus. It's exhilarating to be a part of guiding all of this from my role as National Director and deciding how to invest the ministry's resources wisely to capitalize on momentum.  In addition to the campuses I am directly coaching, the team I supervise guides the work on campus as well as hosts the conferences and events to come alongside.

    Thank you for the role Apostles as a Church and so many individuals within the church play in helping us be able to say 'yes' to the opportunities God provides that are impacting students, through planting new campuses and launching new conferences to reach and equip students.

    • If you want to read more stories about God’s work in students through Greek InterVarsity head here or check out more information through our website.

    • Ways to pray for the Manns and Greek InterVarsity
    • 1. Pray for God to solidify and grow the 300+ students who made decisions for Christ like Clint did through our conferences this year.
    • 2. Pray for the 410 students that felt led by God to be spiritual shepherds for their friends after being trained at one of the Greek Conferences.
    • 3. Pray for the 20+ previously unconnected campuses that attended one of our events that we know which to invest further in over the next couple years.
    • 4. Pray for God to continue to provide the staff, funds, and wisdom needed for our mission.

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