Monday, November 10, 2014

My Experience With Confirmation

by Maggie Lee

Personally, I believe to go through confirmation means to announce your faith in the Lord in front of the church. This is a difficult task for some people to do because the faith they have in the Lord isn’t theirs. This “false faith”, if you will, could be from their parents, friends, people they look up to, but it isn’t theirs. This is especially common in teens and children still learning what to decide. However, to fully accept the Lord the faith has to first be yours. 

There is a great quote in the book, The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel which happens to be the book we were assigned to read with our mentor this year. “So what about you? You’ve heard my experience, but your own conclusion is up to you. No one can make up your mind for you”. Confirmation, for me, has helped me in assuring my faith in the Lord as my own and no one else’s. This is what I loved about Church of the Apostles’ confirmation: the environment that made the service so awesome. During the classes and throughout the eight months that confirmation extended over, all of us became a family. When you stand up at the front of the church watching your family get confirmed you don’t feel weird waiting up there, you feel proud and beyond happy. 

Lastly, the day before confirmation we met with the Bishop to prepare and talk about what to do after confirmation. He asked us what we expected to get out of this whole thing. After several minutes of thinking we finally started to spit out our ideas. We all basically stayed within these several ideas: a more deeply rooted relationship with the Lord, to have a better sense of the Lord’s plan, to serve through the Lord more, to be a light to others who do not know the Lord, and to focus on Him more. All in all confirmation at Church of the Apostles was so amazing and I definitely recommend it if you are reading this and thinking you want to do this awesome endeavor.

2014 Confirmation Class
 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” –Psalm 139:14

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