Friday, December 4, 2015

Refugee Family Donations ~ Thank You!

As the Intervention Coordinator at Sanderson High School I work with students who are in academic crisis, although school work is typically a small issue compared to the battles some our students face at home. A few weeks ago, I came across a colleague near tears out of concern for the welfare of our refugee students - they were coming to school with hunger crazed eyes and clothes for the wrong season. He has already established a clothing closet at our school for refugee and homeless students but he felt he could not keep asking our staff for more donations. He was especially concerned about the upcoming Thanksgiving break because these students normally receive free breakfast and lunch at school. Without hesitating, I told him that I knew a group of people who would love to serve these families...and, Church, you delivered an astonishing blessing to our community!

On November 22, you responded with love in a big way.  With so many bags brimming full of donations, we had to use the school mini bus on load up and drove straight over the the Sandy Forks neighborhood. We met with students and families all afternoon. There were many demonstrations from can openers to microwaves, smoke alarm batteries changed, thermostats located and adjusted and before we left, the families had already set up schedules to lend out vacuums to neighbors The most exciting moment was seeing the wonder on 8 kid's faces when two slices of bread shot up out of their new toaster. When we left a family of twelve who had been very solemn during the delivery, we could hear squeals of delight pealing through the apartment as the family reveled in their fortune found in their new home country. Thank you for partnering with our schools to transform this city through Jesus Christ! 

~ Helen Pettiford

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