Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adult Sunday School Classes Offered This Fall

Our next round of Adult Sunday School classes begins on September 8 at 10am.  Join us for "Sundae Sunday" this Sunday, August 18 at 10am to register for classes and eat ice cream sundaes!

Below is a list and description of the classes being offered this Fall:

One Step at a Time
Faith truly is a journey, and each of us travel on that journey one step at a time. In this class, we will explore how to invite those around us (friends, family, neighbors, coworkers) to take the next step on their faith journey towards Jesus whether they are skeptical, curious, or wandering. Through Bible study, group discussion and teaching we will learn how to authentically and practically share our faith journey with others.
Led by Lauren and Brian Mann, and Robin Bolash

In His Image
The creation narrative tells us that God made man in his own image, and that he called it “very good." Paul often uses the human body as a metaphor for the body of Christ, with different parts having different roles and functions, but all still intertwined and dependent upon each other. Join us as we dig deeper into this idea, and explore how the human body -  in its beauty and in its brokenness - gives us a glimpse of how the body of Christ can and should work, and how God’s redemptive work in our lives makes us more like himself. (Note: Andy and Scott are physicians, so they will explore these biblical concepts through the lens of medicine and Scripture.)
Led by Andy Alspaugh & Scott Garrison

Parenting: Biblical Perspectives & Personal Experiences
Every parent wants their kids to be safe, happy and ready to tackle the world. As Christian parents, you want all this, and you want your kids to learn to walk with Jesus. So, how do you parent your kids toward these goals? What do you do with mistakes you make? What does Scripture have to say about parenting? How do you avoid repeating the methods your parents used that you're not too fond of? Join us as we explore these questions together. We guarantee your kids will turn out perfectly. Just kidding! But we will explore biblical principles for parenting and share our own experiences as parents.
Led by Billy & Cathy Williams, Jim & Ann Dotson

Transformative Bible Study for Community Groups
Do you know how to study the Bible and grow deeper in your faith? Do you know how to lead others to do so? This fall, Eric and Ford will be teaching a class on transformative Bible study where each of these will happen. So come and join us for this practical, applicable class as we seek to grow as students of the Scriptures and as leaders of people. We are asking all Community Group (CG) leaders to sign up for this class. However, if you're not a CG leader, you are still welcome to join us.
Led by Ford Jordan & Eric Bolash