Friday, August 23, 2013

The Sunday Set Up for August 25, 2013

Scripture Reading for Sunday: Mark 9:1-13

Worship Songs for Sunday: August 25, 2013

Sermon Teaser Question:
When you hear the phrase 'the Kingdom of God' what comes to your mind? What is your vision of 'the Kingdom?' How does it affect your life and influence your decisions?

Each Friday we will post The Sunday Set-Up here on the blog. 

It will include the Scripture readings from which the pastor will preach, the worship songs we will sing, and a "sermon teaser" question from the preaching pastor.

It is our desire that The Sunday Set-Up will "set you up" for a deeper and more meaningful Sunday morning worship experience. Perhaps you will read the Scripture passages a few times over the weekend and become more familiar with them. You could also read over the song lyrics that so often are richly based on Scripture and are another way to bring the Word to life. And finally, the pastor's sermon teaser question will help you begin to think through what they will talk about in their sermon. 

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