Thursday, July 10, 2014

News from Rwanda!

Our team arrived in Rwanda piece by piece and they are now all there together! Finally able to access internet, they updated their blog yesterday and we wanted to pass those posts along to you. You can check in on the blog anytime at

I. After some mechanical difficulties out of RDU, the portion of the team that traveled together missed their original connecting flight out of DC. So, they ended up spending Saturday night in Brussels, Belgium. Not a bad gig considering Belgium was playing Argentina in their World Cup game.
Read their Belgium update here.

II. Lee Garret, taking a different route to Rwanda, arrived without a hitch. He had to hold down the fort for a couple of days...
Read Lee's account here.

III. Carrie Alspaugh headed to Rwanda back on July 1st and spent a week working with her friend, Louise King. 
Read Carrie's blog about the community she has experienced in Rwanda.

IV. This post has some photos taken around the diocese. After some passport issues, Eric finally arrived on Tuesday so the whole team is back together again.
Photos from around the Diocese. 

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