Friday, October 3, 2014

The Sunday Set-Up for October 5, 2014

Join us this Sunday as our Bishop, Steve Breedlove, preaches at both services and wraps up our series on the book of Philippians. We will also have baptisms at both services. 

Bishop Steve Breedlove
As faithful Christians we find ourselves increasingly swimming against the moral tide in our country. (In some ways it feels more like we’re caught in a rip current!) The fact is, by what we believe and (hopefully) what we practice, we call people to a very different life, especially in the realms of morality, ethics, and self-fulfillment. In shorthand terms, we call ourselves and the world to a life of godliness. The Good News is a new life in Christ, and that includes godliness. And we are audacious enough to believe a life of godliness is a life of love. 

But unfortunately for many people, when it comes to morality ethics, and a commitment to self-fulfillment, the Good News sounds like Bad News. “You’re asking me to deny this, to change that, to give this up? You’re expecting me to abandon all that I know of fulfillment. What are you offering in its place?” 

It’s an important question: what do we offer in place of the morality and ethics of the world? Can we offer a community that is so powerful, so rich and true, so plausible, so full of love, that the Gospel’s “No” becomes what we believe it truly is — a “Yes” to love? How can we live with one another in order to have a substantial community for ourselves, our children, and our friends who have yet to believe? 

The last few paragraphs of the book of Philippians offers the hope of a truly plausible community, a place of love, with godliness. 

Readings for Sunday: Philippians 4:10-23 and Matthew 9:1-13

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