Friday, January 30, 2015

The Sunday Set-Up for February 1, 2015

A Question Of Science

My 11th grade Physics teacher Mr. Prim was an excitable guy. He climbed on top of tables to demonstrate inertia. He shot lasers across the classroom. He dropped tennis balls from the roof of the gym to demonstrate gravity. And in the middle of every experiment, he would exclaim, "OOOOHHH, VERY GOOD!!! HOW EXCITING!!!" 

Mr. Prim - Former Millbrook HS Physics Teacher
I loved Mr. Prim, but I was terrible at physics. Nevertheless, Mr. Prim's excitement was infectious, so I stayed engaged. (Incidentally, he's now retired and is an oil painter living in Durham, NC.) Some of us are more science-minded than others. Facts, evidence, measurable results matter in the world of science. But do they matter when it comes to faith? Does science preclude faith, or vice versa?

Come and consider this further this Sunday. See you then!

Eric Bolash

Bulletin: February 1, 2015

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