Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Sunday Set-Up for March 29, 2015


Two men stand poised, a black-and-white striped referee between them, their eyes fixed on the round orange ball between them. As the referee prepares to lift the ball in the air between them, every eye looks intently on what's about to happen: Game Time!

It's an exciting time of year. March Madness presents a veritable feast in the world of college basketball. The opening games of the NCAA tournament appear one right after the next, and every team shows up hungry to win.

That's Palm Sunday. Jesus showed up in Jerusalem, and it was Game On. The moment had arrived.

We will celebrate and consider this Sunday how Jesus entered this massively important week, with every part of him fixed on what he needed to do, while the noisy, busy crowds looked on.

Come ready to celebrate, and ready to see Jesus.


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