Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Last Year at VBS

For a long time, I've been in Vacation Bible School.  But, this year was different.  I am now 10 years old and a rising 5th grader.  Since this was my last year, I cherished every moment of it.  From the top quality morning lesson, crazy science with creative Mr. Lee, imaginative storytelling with the entertaining Pastor Curt, inspiring Bible challenge with my superb Mother, then the exciting part...the games!  In VBS, I was reminded of Gods vast love for me and how I should humbly share it with others, as well as how He gives me wisdom, courage and faith. 

Finally, thank you to all the kind-hearted Christ Followers who generously helped out this year.  I look forward to next year when I can contribute to the leaders as they are teaching children about Christ Jesus.  I just have to say that everything this year was AWWWWWWESOME !!!!!!

----By Gabe Noel, age 10

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  1. I loved reading this, Gabe! You really picked up on how all the fun and games and activities point back to Christ.

    Your writing and illustration is AWWWWWESOME!