Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rwanda Blog: Team Gratitude

It’s the last night of the trip. The Team scattered to pack up for the 30-hour trip ahead of us. We’re absolutely exhausted and inexpressibly glad for all we’ve seen God do this week.
Will just led us with his signature straight-forward, compelling honesty in a devotion about returning to the States with courage to tell about God’s works and to keep seeking him and serving him. 

Then, to cap things off, we created the list below, attempting to list as many things we as we could that we were grateful for. We could have gone a lot longer, but here’s the top of the list. 
Enjoy! See you on American soil! Yesu ashimwe! (Jesus be praised!)

  • this team
  • hospitality of the Rwandans 
  • intentional team discussions
  • team devotions 
  • answered prayers for Clementine to obtain a job
  • prayer request book at the cell group
  • Pastor Alfred, his family, and their testimony 
  • Jennifer & Claire who served us meals
  • honesty and openness of prayer requests
  • prayer ministry with Gikomero 
  • Pastor Prosper
  • leadership of Curt and Eric and Teresa 
  • seeing and meeting our compassion children
  • P-A-U-L
  • the children and families thirst for knowledge of God
  • simplicity of life
  • Eugenie
  • Kigali Genocide Memorial
  • living for the sake of others
  • mosquito nets
  • Claudine
  • open windows
  • health
  • Rev Gasana
  • tiny bananas
  • charades
  • Pastor Joseph
  • 12 days of good weather
  • breakfast soup
  • nutella
  • running 
  • sunsets and sunrises
  • renewal of the Wilson’s wedding vows
  • raptor attack
  • Bishop Kalimba’s testimonies
  • Healthy Mums
  • hot water
  • Celestine
  • our amazing finance keeper Taylor 
  • prompted to pray and anoint people
  • Prince of Peace
  • catching up with old friends // being treated like an old friend
  • being prayed for
  • dancing with church choirs 
  • fiber gummies
  • baby powder
  • bananagrams
  • instant coffee
  • cabbage spaghetti sauce

  • seeing God at work

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