Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thank You, From the Farwells

Dear Apostles Family,

The Farwells would like to express a deep sense of appreciation and thankfulness to our church family.  This adventure is not possible without you and all the wonderful ways y’all have helped us to grow in our 10+ years at Apostles.  This Sunday (earlier in January) we choked back our tears as we are keenly aware of all those we are leaving behind.

In the midst of our preparations, we have received a gift that our staying would have allowed to remain dulled to our awareness…we feel deeply loved by y’all.  Each day we have been confronted anew by this reality, which we intellectually already knew, but now have the privilege to know, experience and live in this reality.  It is truly indescribable.  We have been showered with blessings in countless ways.  

 - Thank you for family and friends who have spent time with our children so we can focus on the tasks at hand.

 - Thank you for friends who come out to play one last football game with Tate and create great memories.
 - Thank you for friends who clean our house.
 - Thank you for friends who provided meals.
 - Thank you for friends who provide things we need, give beyond what is thought possible and ask us what more can they do to help.
 - Thank you for friends who just listen, cry with us and encourage us.  
 - Thank you for a church family that loves us and is a source of such encouragement.

Who would want to leave this?  And yet there is a world out there which knows nothing of this amazing love found only in Jesus and experienced within His people.  So we go filled with his love, because so many living like Jesus first loved us.  This enables us to share this incredible gift of love with others who are hurting, who don't even know this kind of love exists.  We will our miss y’all so much.  Thank you for walking with us in becoming more like Him.

Hazak and love,

The Farwells  

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