Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Update From the Farwell's

January 16th...

It is difficult to believe that it is all actually happening.  Almost a year long process to get to this point.  So many bureaucratic hoops to jump through and lots of paperwork.  And now we are 13 days away from getting on an airplane. Janie and I often look at each other and say 'breathe'...one step at a time.  There is much packing and details to be taken care of before we depart.  Many ask us if we are excited, and there are moments, but for the most part those feelings probably won't come until we get on the airplane.  Presently, it is consoling Kensie as she grieves change and can spend literally hours crying about all the upheaval that is happening in her world. (see her note she slipped under our door just a few days ago) And Tate, when asked in Sunday School if everyone was looking forward to Christmas, he mutters under his breath, 'no because that means we are closer to leaving'. To say my heart aches would be an understatement.  And, then, there is Sadie who just seems to bloom where she is planted. Yet, she will tell you she is excited and nervous.  She is worried about the plane crashing. 

"My haert is broken in four peases...family, friends...fun...home, with are moove...by Kenslow Ellen Farwell."

Why go?  We would be lying to you if I said those thoughts did not enter our minds from time to time.  It would be so much easier to stay.  Our little ones would see it as an intervention from the Lord not to go.  And yet, here we are:  tickets purchased, still no visas, a house half packed and trusting the Lord will do amazing things in us.  In us?  Yep...we need to experience Him, His healing and enjoy His presence so we can truly share Him with others. If not, then what we share is a wonderful true theological story that hits an emotional cord but seems somewhat distant and detached from this present reality. The gospel is about a living God who is active today.  He is alive and that reality is the lynch pin to God's redeeming story. 

Our hope and prayer is that our little ones will open their hearts to experience Jesus for themselves and for us to go deeper with Him.  To teach them to turn to Him in the midst of pain and discomfort rather than turning to things to distract from uncomfortable feelings.  But for this to even be possible, there has to be discomfort.  Something to jar us from our slumber to a greater adventure that awaits...being a part of God's redemption in the lives of others and those new believers igniting a spark that grows into a movement of Jesus' being proclaimed as redeemer, healer, restorer of lives.  

I share all this because I'm preaching to ourselves.  We are trying to figure out how to lead with courage, hopefulness and honesty.  To move forward despite the unknowns, to have hope in the midst of uncertainty and to be honest that we are feeling sad to leave as well.  We leave behind family: Janie's sister, who has cancer and we will not be here to walk with her through as she begins her healing process; grandparents and cousins who will not see our little ones for longer than normal; friends who have been so amazingly supportive of our move.  The outpouring of love, support and encouragement has been overwhelming.  We are blessed to be surrounded by such amazing family, friends, supporters and church family!  

Prayer Requests
1) Being able to see everyone and say goodbye well over the next two weeks.
2) Our visas will arrive in time.
3) For the emotional endurance to help the little ones with their emotions - to be present and feel with them.
4) Arrangements for our apartment over there.  We are having a wood burning stove installed before we arrived.  Lots of details obviously to get settled.
5) Getting the house set for our friends to move in - that it will be a blessing to them.

Contacting Us In Israel
You will be able to call us directly on our home number: 919-846-2778.  We are using republic wireless and we can use our phones through the internet.  

Mailing address at Jerusalem University College is:
P.O. Box 1276, Mt. Zion
9101202 Jerusalem, ISRAEL

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