Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ukraine Team Update ~ 07/06/18

Today was a lot of fun for us as a team. The whole group (maybe 150 staff and students) from the CCX Camp we are helping to facilitate traveled into the city of Lviv with the challenge of a scavenger hunt, collecting as many photos as we could of bizarre activities around the city. Retro clothing in stores. Human train on the trolley tracks. Befriending someone and their dog and a photo with the dog. And all kinds of other humorous and fun moments.

Laughter, cultural conversations and friendly joking in my group is helping to make us comfortable for deeper conversations about Jesus. This morning we studied John 9, and a few students stated plainly that Jesus must not be God because he does God’s works rather than his own works. Then we were able to talk about the fact that eventually the blind man who is healed by Jesus says “Lord, I believe,” and worships him—actions reserved only for God. These are the kinds of seeds the Lord is planting in the lives of these young, bright students for whom Jesus gave his life. 

Please pray for continued openness in these gospel conversations, and for our endurance as we walk with them this week. And pray that some would enter the Kingdom even this week!

We miss and love you!

For God’s glory,
Eric, on behalf of Austin, Catherine, Terri and John

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