Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ukraine Team Update ~ 07/10/18

We returned to Raleigh Tuesday afternoon at 2pm after being gone for 16 days. Upon reflection, many thoughts have run through our minds as we journeyed homeward on Sunday by train from Lviv to Kiev, where we spent the night in a hostel. Monday morning Terri had the blessed opportunity to visit a dear Ukrainian friend who she had not seen since 1995. Not only a great time together, but made even better when Terri discovered her friend had become a Christian in 1997.  Breakfast followed her visit as we were joined by Yevgen, Development Director, and Yulia, Executive Director for CCX Ukraine, before a brief walking tour which lasted until we left for the airport and a flight to London.  We left London Tuesday for RDU, a not so short 7.5 hour flight.

(Our team with Yulia and Yevgen, overlooking the Dnipro River in Kiev)
We have been blessed beyond description in many ways. The dedication of the Ukrainian staff, their love for Jesus, their desire to make Him known, their love for each other and the students, and their desire to consistently present to the students what awaits them when they become brothers and sisters in Christ.
As we all observed, Ukrainian students like to discuss, reflect and consider the Truth before making decisions.  Many have come to summer and/or winter camps for several years. We are certain that they have been given much to think about in the days and weeks that follow.
God’s love for them, His Word explained and shared with them, and a true picture of what life can be when one accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior were consistently and lovingly presented to them.  Many have significant doubts and deep questions.  
We left many new friends as we departed from Ukraine.  We left certain that God’s Word will not return void.  We feel that we were privileged to “plant seeds” that others will water and see mature. God knows when that will occur, we do not, but we have full assurance and faith that it will happen.

(Eric with Maxym, a rather large Ukrainian college student from his small group)
We felt your prayers, as well as prayers from friends and relatives and churches across our country, throughout our trip.  With thankful hearts we thank each one of you for sustaining us, in every way.  
To God be the glory, great things He has done and will do in the lives of these precious students.
Because He Lives!!
John (on behalf of Eric, Terri, Catherine, Austin)

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