Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Fellows Class...Part 1

This year we have 10 new Fellows who will be taking part in the Raleigh Fellows Program.  Five of those Fellows will be working with the Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings and five will be working with the Student Ministry on Sunday mornings. 

Today, we would like to introduce you to those who will be working with the Children's Ministry. Each Fellow was asked to share about how they came to know the Lord, why they wanted to participate in the Raleigh Fellows Program, and an interesting fact about themselves:

Sarah Bowman
How you came to know the Lord: I've grown up in the church my whole life, but I think what truly helped me come to know Christ was going to Summer's Best Two Weeks (a Christian sports summer camp up in PA) and meeting various influential people in my life, especially while in college.
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow:  I want to be a Raleigh Fellow because I thought it would be a great way to spend my first year out of college, being immediately plugged in to a strong believing community consisting both of people my own age who are seeking to learn more as well as those who are older who can serve as teachers and mentors. I'm also preparing to apply to PA school, but need to spend some time earning experience hours working with patients , so by doing the program I can hopefully spend some time working towards those but also being busy with other things, such as working with youth or children's ministry and taking seminary classes. Overall I'm just excited for how much potential there is for learning and growth while participating in this program.
Interesting Fact: I know how to sword fight

Katie Riddle 
How you came to know the Lord: I was raised in Christian family, so from day one I was surrounded by believers. At 13, after going through my confirmation course, I decided that I wanted to pursue a relationship with Jesus myself. It wasn't up to my parents, friends, etc. but it was up to me. Since then, I have sought to live a life focused on Jesus Christ, pursuing His kingdom, and following His will for me.
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow: Having been born and raised in Raleigh and attending school in Chapel Hill, I have developed a deep love for this city. Coming out of college I wanted to pursue something I enjoyed in a place I love. The Fellows Program was a chance for me to expand my faith through classes, work, and service, and see Raleigh from a different perspective. Having been rooted in Christ and established in this city, I felt that Raleigh was exactly where I needed to spend my first year out of college and in the "real world!"
Interesting Fact: At one point in my life I was right handed... Now I am a lefty (for the most part). I also have three younger sisters, am obsessed with the Tar Heels, and love to go on runs with friends! 

Matt Gross
How you came to know the Lord: I grew up in a family where the Lord was always at the center, and church was a part of the Sunday routine. Because of this environment, I accepted Christ at a young age. I went to a private Christian school during junior and senior high years, so was always surrounded by the scriptures. It was all a routine and going through the motions. It wasn't until my freshman year at the University of West Florida and sophomore year at Mississippi State University where I really began to take ownership of my faith and really understand my need for Christ.
Why I want to be a Fellow: I consider it an awesome opportunity to be a part of a nine month program such as the Fellows. I am really looking forward to learning more about myself. Not only my sin and how much I need a savior, but also to understand better where the Lord wants me to go in this life. Another reason is to learn how to minister to others in the marketplace and the church.
Interesting Fact: I have been surfing since I was 11 years old

Rebecca Schuh
How you came to know the Lord: I came to know The Lord through my family and developed a relationship with Him through my Young Life leaders in high school.
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow: I am looking forward to being a Fellow because even though I attended a Christian college, I still feel I need more guidance on how to love The Lord with my whole life. I am also unsure if teaching is what I am called to do so becoming a Fellow seems like a great way to explore other avenues. I am so excited and thankful for this opportunity! 
Interesting Fact: During the spring semester of my junior year I studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and it was the best decision! I love to travel and I cannot wait to explore Raleigh. 

Wesley Martin
How you came to know the Lord: My parents have always been strong believers my entire life but when I was around the age of 7 or 8 I asked the Lord to come into my heart in my bedroom one night.
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow: I want to learn to be a better man and a stronger believer as well as give back to the community as Christ did.
Interesting Fact: I love playing guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, and piano. Music is one of my absolute favorite things and I love teaching other people about those instruments and music.

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