Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Fellows Class...Part 2

This year we have 10 new Fellows who will be taking part in the Raleigh Fellows Program.  Five of those Fellows will be working with the Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings and five will be working with the Student Ministry on Sunday mornings. 

Yesterday we introduced the Fellows that will be working with the Children's Ministry. Today, we would like to introduce you to the five Fellows who will be working with the Student Ministry on Sunday mornings. Each Fellow was asked to share about how they came to know the Lord, why they wanted to participate in the Raleigh Fellows Program, and an interesting fact about themselves:

Megan Gilchrest
How you came to know the Lord: I came to know the Lord at a very young age. I grew up in a solid Christian household with devout Christian parents. It was not until I reached high school where I truly made my faith my own and decided to follow God no matter what.
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow:  As I was about to graduate from college, I knew it was the perfect time to go on a crazy adventure where I could learn and grow closer to God. I am really excited to be in the Fellows Program, to learn and be stretched by God. I am also excited to be in a strong community with other believers.

Interesting Fact: Since I was 4 years old I have played soccer and I just finished four great years playing at the college level for Colorado Christian University! I also LOVE anything outdoors-- hiking, running, playing sports, and I love both the mountains and the beach. 

Ellen Bosserman 
How you came to know the Lord: I met the Lord after my sophomore year of high school at Lake Champion, a Young Life camp.
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow: I want to be a Raleigh fellow to be part of a community in a new city and consider the Lord's calling for my life.
Interesting Fact: I love baking, going on power walks with friends, eating anything with sweet potato, and spending time outside.

Jake Sipe
How you came to know the Lord: I came to know the Lord through College Life ministry during my freshmen year of college.
Why I want to be a Raleigh Fellow: I wanted to become a Raleigh Fellow because I wanted to have a year in which I came closer to the Lord in a community of people looking to do the same.
Interesting Fact: I was born and raised an N.C. State fan and have been coming to Raleigh for games my whole life.

Carly Prince
How you came to know the Lord: I grew up in church and hearing the gospel but I really came to know The Lord through the ministry of Young Life my freshman year of college.
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellows: I want to be a Raleigh fellow because I want an experience that is unique and allows me to grow in a deeper relationship with Christ.
Interesting Fact: I love coffee and it is a dream of mine to move to Europe and open my own coffee shop.

Cary Bayless
How you came to know the Lord: I grew up in the church my whole life. When my family moved to Huntsville, Alabama from Fayetteville, Tennessee when I was in fourth grade we joined Southwood Presbyterian Church. During that year is when I first realized Jesus was not just an answer to get candy in Sunday school, but a real savior who actually loves and died for me. Since then I have been falling deeper in love with Christ each year as I pursue him farther and he continues to love me better than I could have ever imagined possible. 
Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow: I want to be a fellow because of the inevitable growth, strengthening, community, and direction the program will provide. After college the world is suddenly a bigger place and having an opportunity to immerse myself into a body of believers in the same stage of life, in which we make preparations for the rest of our lives, is a dream come true. When I began researching the fellows programs the Raleigh Fellows stood out to me. It was like the Lord had designed a perfect program with focuses in areas I feel called to in a location that is so filled with beauty that even the trees and mountains proclaim praise to our Lord. After prayer and many conversations I knew the Raleigh Fellows was going to become my home.
Interesting Fact: One of my favorite places in the world is Peru. I lived there for three months during college working with Mission to the World in Lima. After the first two weeks I had to return to the states for rabies treatment after being attacked by a dog in the streets of a neighborhood called Manchi. Returning to Peru after the treatment was difficult but one of the biggest blessings of my life. The Peruvian people are the most loving I have know, the food (except the BBQ guinea pig) is exquisite, and the Gospel is being spread throughout the Andes Mountains with power. I love Peru!

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