Monday, September 9, 2013

Transform the City (and Be Transformed) with Jobs for Life

Our theme this year is Stepping Into Mission and now we're studying in James what it means for our faith to come alive through our deeds.  Is your heart being stirred, but you don't know where to begin?
Two of the graduates from Ray and Doug's class.

Through Jobs for Life, we (Doug Brogdon and Ray Bennett) have experienced the life-changing impact of stepping into the lives of others who are looking for meaningful work.  We have taught and served as Champions (mentors) several times at the Jobs for Life men's program at Neighbor to Neighbor.  We have been so powerfully impacted by the experience that we are returning to teach a class of young men again this fall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We can echo the stories that Craig Kincaid and Iris Mitchell shared about their experience on Vision Sunday.  Every class is different, but all of them are memorable.  During one class last fall, almost half of the 13 students in our class were homeless at one point, yet by graduation two-thirds had gone on to find employment.  Other students (and friends) have overcome felony convictions, childcare and transportation challenges, and painful family histories.  
It's remarkable how much change takes place in eight weeks-and it is not limited to the students.  We have seen students embrace the idea that they were made to work, come alive with new vision and hope for their lives, and discover a confidence they never knew they had.  And we ourselves have discovered new meaning in our own work and been humbled as we have walked with students who have overcome seemingly insurmountable roadblocks in their lives.  Our faith has grown as we have seen God at work.

If you are looking for ways to "step into mission" this year, we want to invite you to join us and others from Apostles who are part of the Jobs for Life movement.  Become a Champion at one of the four sites connected with Apostles this fall
(listed below) One night or morning a week can change your life! Or better yet, sign up for a class as a Community Group-there is no better way to build community and a sense of shared vision in eight short weeks.  We are thankful for the chance to serve through Jobs for Life and want others at Apostles to discover and experience its impact.

Doug Brogdon ( & Ray Bennett (

Neighbor to Neighbor | Men Students/Men Mentors
Tuesday and Thursday, 7-9 pm
Begins September 14 | Lasts for eight weeks
Casanova Womack (

North Raleigh Ministries | Men and Women Students/Men and Women 
Mentors Monday and Thursday, 10-12 pm
Begins September 16 | Lasts for eight weeks
Nina Honeycutt (

Alexander YMCA-Downtown East | 9th and 10th Grade Students/Women Mentors
Tuesdays, 5:30 pm
Begins September 10 | Lasts for the school year
Carson Speight (

Encouraging Place/Treasuring Christ/Midtown | Women Students/Women Mentors
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm
Begins September 24 | Lasts for eight weeks
Marsha Smitley (

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