Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Missionaries of Apostles: Cam Malpass - Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

Cam Malpass
God is working at NC State and Meredith College

What a joy and privilege to get to enter into the lives of college students at NC State and Meredith. And what an honor to have Church of the Apostles partner with me and be part of what God is doing on the college campuses in Raleigh!

A story of transformation
In August, I met Shea, a freshman at NC State. I started meeting with her weekly. She is one of those students who I saw much potential in and loved spending time with, yet often found myself frustrated by choices that she was making. I would sometimes question Shea as to why in the world she would want to meet with me each week—Shea wasn’t exactly the type of student that you would picture meeting with a campus minister regularly. Early on in my friendship with Shea, I told her that I was not going to give up on her and run in the other direction, as I sensed she might be expecting me to do based on things that she was telling me about her life and choices. I continued to meet with Shea and pray for God to do something major in her life, draw her to Himself and change her from the inside out.

I had asked Shea to come to our Winter Conference but she wasn’t interested in giving up her New Year’s Eve plans, so she told me “no”.  In early December, I really felt like the Lord was laying it on my heart to introduce Shea to a friend of mine on staff in Kentucky. I met Kristen, this new staff friend, last summer in Clearwater and her story and background seemed really similar to Shea’s. I thought it would be helpful for Shea to talk to someone who had been “in her shoes” and could relate and could show her that God CAN change someone—even from really hard places. So, I asked Shea if she would be willing to come to Greensboro for just one day of the conference. She said she’d think about it.

On December 29th, Shea texted me and said she was on her way to Greensboro. A few hours later, she texted and said that she was in the lobby. I was ecstatic and expectant for what the Lord might be about to do. Shea sat with me during the first speaker that morning (the talk was about how the Gospel changes you) and then she had lunch with Kristen and me. Kristen was able to share her story with Shea and for the first time I began to see glimmers of hope in Shea’s eyes—maybe this Jesus really could change her. Our lunch turned into a 6 hour conversation where eventually through tears, Shea said that she wanted to place her trust and faith in Christ. It was the most beautiful conversion I have ever experienced—Shea was broken and genuine and cried out to the Lord that she needed Him to come and change her life. She also stayed at the conference for another day!!

Shea texted this to me about her experience: “I just can’t believe that I went to Greensboro living my life one way and I came back a different person.”

Please pray for Shea as she and I study the Bible together this semester and explore more of what this new life in Christ means for her. Please also pray that God would deliver her from the chains that have had her bound tightly for many, many years. We serve a big God and we need for Him to show up to give her strength and power and courage to walk away from many destructive things from her past.

How you can pray for my ministry
1. Pray for my own walk with the Lord – that I would experience increased intimacy with Him and that my ministry would come as an overflow from my own personal walk with the Lord.
2. Pray for wisdom and discernment as I help give leadership to this ministry – wisdom to love and care for the staff team and students under my care at NC State and Meredith College.
3. In the beginning of February, we hosted a women’s event on campus and saw 76 girls (51 of them in sororities) place their faith in Christ. We are currently trying to meet one on one with each of these girls to follow up with them to make sure they understand the decision they made and have a community to join to help them grow. Please pray that we would be diligent to get back with each of these girls and not allow any to fall through the cracks.

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