Monday, March 17, 2014

Missionaries of Apostles: Courtney Lancaster - Young Life

Courtney Lancaster
Area Director
This year I've started to do outreach on campus at NC State as we've launched our Young Life College ministry.

It's been exciting to focus on that age group. Do we call them young adults or still adolescents? I'm thinking adolescents.

This year, in particular, I've gotten to spend a lot of time with NC State freshmen girls I knew in high school (as their YL leader) and have gotten to "come to college" with them. I've been praying for and walking with these girls since they were freshmen in high school.

In the past, I saw many of these girls just chuck their faith and stop learning about and pursuing Jesus like they did in high school. Since they know Young Life, they will still come to small group Bible studies and camps and club even though they are living life much like the prodigal son- squandering it.

And this past week I was with some of those girls when they "came to their senses" in a way. They admitted that they spent last semester seeking peace & happiness in boys and partying and going out, only to find emptiness & shame.

One girl whom I've known for 5 years now, said, "I think I'm ready. This is real, but I don't know how to do it." And because we have known each other for so long and have a deep friendship, I was able to ask her, "what's the word that I tell you is my word for you and that I always pray for you?" And she knew immediately the answer, "Surrender." And I said, "that's your answer."

I'm so thankful that through Young Life, a bridge of friendship was built, and I was able to cross it, in a booth at Moe's for the umpteenth time, with the Good News that Jesus did the work for us.

Ways to pray:
To have wisdom in my leadership of the Raleigh YL area
To hunger and thirst for God's Word and His righteousness
To have wisdom, grace, gentleness, truth and love when encouraging, training, guiding and leading our volunteers
To step out in faith and follow the Spirit's movement in our YL area
For our staff & leaders to be unified as the body of Christ
For discipline as I manage my schedule

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