Monday, May 11, 2015

'Hi, Mom': Redeemer Phones Home

A week ago on Sunday night, after our evening worship service at Redeemer, I rushed across town to try and make it to the end of Curt’s Ordination Celebration.  I made it just in time to congratulate Curt and take home a plate of food from the reception.  In many ways as I drove home that night, I felt like a child who has recently been sent off to college and who only comes home to get his laundry washed and to pick up some grub when he’s hungry. 

One major difference between “college Ford” and “church-planting Ford,” is that this version of me drove home with a heart full of gratitude, aware of all of the sacrifices that my ‘mother’ has made for me.  (If my real mom is reading this--sorry I didn’t appreciate you more in college.  I had no idea at the time all that you were doing for me!)  We are now 3 months into worship at Redeemer Anglican Church and thought that this would be a good time to ‘call home’ and let everyone know how we are doing. 

We have had a wonderful start down the road at Redeemer.  Our prayer from long before we started was that the Lord’s presence would go with us as we were sent out to begin this church (Exodus 3:14-17).  God has answered that prayer week after week as we have gathered for worship.  The Holy Spirit has been present in the worship, in the preaching of the word and in the administration of the sacraments (communion and baptism).  He has filled the church with His joy week after week. 

As I’ve reflected on the past 3 months, I’ve been humbled to realize how many wonderful folks from Apostles have made this journey with us and how they have used their gifts and stepped into key roles of leadership in order to help this young church thrive.  It’s been beautiful to see the body of Christ function this way – each person using their gifts for the building up of the body.

We have a great (and growing) relationship with Mt. Sinai church (whose building we are meeting in).  We joined our congregations together for worship on Palm Sunday and it was so much fun and so rich that we’ve decided to worship together on every fifth Sunday.  Their pastor, Bishop Rogers, and his wife have become personal friends to many in our congregation.

Most importantly, we’ve been having a trickle of visitors each week.  This is the reason why we started Redeemer.  There was no reason for Apostles to send so many people away only to have them worship in another part of town.  Instead, this church was planted for mission.  The people of Redeemer have been inviting friends and folks from the neighborhood have come to check things out.  It has been exciting to welcome them in.  We are asking the Lord that he would open their eyes to faith.

Overall, the past 3 months have gone as well as we could have hoped.  We are encouraged and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for Redeemer and Apostles in the yeas to come.  Thank you again, for all of your encouragement and support in helping us get up and on our feet.  And thank you for your prayers for Redeemer.  Please continue to keep us in your hearts and prayers.
---------------By Ford Jordan

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