Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lockey: Thankful I Went to Prayer Team with My Back Pain

I want to share with you my experience regarding a difficult circumstance with my lower back and being in extreme pain.

I woke up on Easter morning and realized I was experiencing low back pain with every attempt I made to move.

I had done some extra yard work (spreading mulch) the previous couple of days, but had not noticed any lingering effects other than feeling tired. I was surprised that my back seemed to "go out" as I was sleeping.

My first thought was to persevere, and get to church (since it was Easter morning, after all.)  I did attend church, but the pain was so severe I was unable to stay through the Easter service.

I came home and planned to take it easy and rest, hoping my back would settle down. I stayed inactive for four days with Debbie having to wait on me to accomplish practically everything I did.

After my "take it easy" approach, I realized professional medical attention was going to be required. I opted to go to my chiropractor and was told my lower back condition was pretty severe, but they would try to help me with eight to 10 consecutive adjustments.

Of course, at this point I was open to trying most anything to get my mobility, and relieve the pain. I went for my adjustments over two weeks, but really didn't see much change.

I was still attending church, but could only manage it by wearing a back brace. After three very difficult weeks, and showing my discouragement, Debbie said maybe I should consider going to the prayer team after communion.

My response was, “Well, maybe…” but I knew her saying that I should consider it really meant I was going. After communion, I got the loving and caring reminder that I’ve seemed to always need from my wonderful wife of 48 years. The experience of asking for prayer, knowing that the people praying for me truly cared, and truly believed in God's healing power was a very heart-warming comforting feeling.

As we left church, and my back condition was mentioned, I was again touched by you praying for me at that moment. Needless to say I left church feeling very loved, and totally grateful for the prayers being said on my behalf.  

I have to tell you that as I walked to the parking lot I began to notice less discomfort than I had felt over the previous three weeks. I mentioned to Debbie on the drive home that I thought the prayers for healing were already working.

As the day progressed, I continued to feel there was definite improvement in the way I felt prior to church that morning. The chiropractor had moved me to a two adjustments per week schedule, which I continued to do over the next couple of weeks.

The chiropractic care was vital to my improvement, but I truly believe that the prayers said for me that Sunday morning started to change the circumstances, and helped me turn the corner to feeling better. It has now been six weeks since the initial back issue started, and I'm so thankful that I have complete mobility-- and no pain.

My experience was very attention-getting, and a definite opportunity to think through what a blessing having our health is in order to live a normal life. I'm giving all the praise and glory to God, and thanking all who prayed for me and the doctors that helped me. May God continue to bless us
by Kent Lockey

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