Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Look Inside the Youth Leaders Weekend Away

This past weekend our student ministry leaders took a retreat to the beach to get away, spend time getting to know each other better, and growing closer to the Lord. Here are some photos from the weekend and some thoughts from a few of the leaders. 

“Volunteering with the Student Ministry allows for a fun and unique way to serve Apostles. I not only get to build relationships with students, but with their families as well. When I was in middle school and high school I had a youth leader pouring into my life, and it was incredibly beneficial and encouraging for my walk with the Lord. I knew that when I "grew up", I wanted to serve in the same capacity and walk with high schoolers during those crazy/formative years! The Lord opened the door to get involved, and I'm so thankful.
     It's always refreshing when leaders (who have the same heart and willingness to serve) get together and are in one accord. I was encouraged this past weekend to hear what's in store for the future of Apostles' youth group as well as gaining new ideas in how to invest in the students in my small group.” - Kaycee Mathias, Junior Girls Small Group Leader 

“I love serving in Student Ministry because I still remember my leaders throughout middle and high school. They had such an incredible impact on my life and I want to do the same for some of the middle and high schoolers.
  The retreat was so beneficial because it gave the leaders intentional time to get to know one another, to bond, and to relax and reconnect with God. We had time to sit and just hang out with God which was so awesome!” - Nancy Lee McLean, Middle School Leader

It was a good thing to get away to spend time with the Lord and each other.  Learning about apprenticeship and the care Jesus took to pour into his men reminds us all that we are to pour into the students God has given us.  The most powerful aspect of the weekend was watching the students listen to the cost of taking the time to form relationships with each other and build one another up in Christ and to see how much they are valued.” 
- Kai Hinkey, Junior Girls Small Group Leader 

“The youth leader retreat was a special time for all of us to get together. As we all serve different groups of students, we sometimes forget that we are not alone in ministry. The time spent on the retreat gave us the opportunity to plan, share ideas, encourage one another, and refocus our mission. I am exceedingly grateful for my fellow leaders, and their hearts for students at Apostles.” - Ben Smith, Youth Worship Team Leader

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